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A Close Shave

About Us

Improve employee training, onboarding, and motivation with the Academy platform.

A Close Shave is Danish company with offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin. We provide the social knowledge sharing platform, Academy, which is used by businesses in many different sectors to train, motivate and inform employees across 50+ countries.

Academy has over 9 years of experience in public transport, and is used in the public transport sector by e.g. the Rail Delivery Group, Movia, and Keolis. Over 80% of Danish bus drivers train and learn on Academy, while the roll-out of the RARS2 programme in Great Britain is supported by knowledge sharing and repetition on the system.


Get everyone onboard – anytime, anywhere.

Academy is accessible by computer, tablet, and smartphone, making it possible to train and inform employees at any time. With repetition, gamification, custom made training courses, and a strong focus on monitoring, everyone can benefit from an Academy system. Academy is also available with accessibility tools to make the platform inclusive for all.

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Academy Cases

FynBus is a Danish bus operating company, which supply the busses and drivers for all bus and demand responsive traffic on the Danish island of Fyn.

Three months after the introduction of their Academy system, the amount of customer complaints related to drivers had fallen by 50%. Since the launch, customer satisfaction increased by 24%, and FynBus won The Danish Consumer Council Tænk’s Passagerpulsen’s customer service award in 2015.

Three months after the introduction of the Academy system to our drivers, the amount of driver-related customer complaints fell by 50%”

Part of the tender
Academy is now mentioned by name in the tender for contractors from both FynBus, Movia, and NT (Nordjyllands Trafikselskab).

It is specified that it is the responsibility of the operators to ensure that all drivers use an Academy system to complete important training courses, and keep up to date.

An Academy system for train- and bus operating companies transforms driver training from a chore into a motivational factor, and supports valuable interactions between drivers, and between drivers and management, as well as important statistical insights for transport operators and authorities.

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