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The ACO Water Management range has pioneered the management of surface water and today provides architects, specifiers and engineers with a complete package of integrated systems suitable for use across the entire spectrum of civil engineering projects.

Through client-based research and constant innovation, ACO Water Management has evolved from its origins in line drainage to an award-winning supplier of an unrivalled range of products and support services that provide the complete and effective management of surface water: from system design through collection, cleaning, storing and on-site source control allowing the safe release of run-off back to natural watercourses.

ACO has a broad range of surface water management systems designed to provide the optimum solution in storm water control and sustainable drainage systems. These ranges are designed to suit many applications including internal and building drainage, parking areas, retail and commercial developments, highways, residential developments and airports and docks.

The portfolio includes oil separators, storm water attenuation and infiltration systems, traditional channel and grate assemblies, monocast and high capacity drainage systems as well as solutions for environmentally sensitive projects.

Rail drainage

Specialist water management systems for national rail and light rail networks
A major part of ACO’s portfolio includes manufacturing specialist water management systems for the UK’s national rail and light rail networks. As a long-term supplier to the rail sector, ACO understands the importance of delivering high-performance, sustainable drainage systems.

ACO is involved in all scale of rail projects from HS2 and Crossrail to the Metrolink in Manchester. The extensive product range can be applied to a wide variety of applications including stations and curtilage, platforms, maintenance depots, station parking and parking decks.

Bridge Drainage

Bridges offer a unique challenge for water drainage. Therefore effective water management is important at the design stage. Water ponding on the bridge surface can have numerous repercussions, from being a hazard for pedestrians and vehicular traffic to damaging the bridge structure itself. ACO’s Multitop HSD and Ballast Gully systems offer an easy to maintain effective solution to surface water.

The Multitop HSD gully system comprises of a cast iron gully cover, sitting within a frame incorporating a vibration damping system to allow for its shallow installation. The top section is both height adjustable and roddable to allow for ease of installation and maintenance.

Similar to the HSD unit; the Ballast Gully has been tailored for concrete and composite deck bridges with ballast surfaces. The slot cover openings are designed to allow for optimal water flow and the prevention of ballast passing through the cover.

To find out more please get in touch with technical@aco.co.uk

Platform Drainage

Within a Rail platform environment, it is crucial to provide a safe environment, by minimising the risk of skidding and slipping. Traditional drainage channels can be an area of high risk, which is why ACO has designed specifically for the rail industry the new ‘6mm Heelguard Rail Grate’. The grating both meets the skid and slip performance criteria for installation on rail platforms and station building curtilage, and achieves all inlet requirements.

Certified to Load Class D 400, the grating range is compatible for use with ACO MultiDrain®, MultiDrain® Sealin and MultiDrain® PPD channels. The 6mm width slots protect high heels from getting trapped and are also compatible with ACO’s security locking bars for added protection in high theft/vandalism areas.

Find more details on the 6mm Heelguard Rail Grate here.

Rail Access Point

ACO’s innovative Rail Access Point has radically improved the installation and maintenance of light rail drainage. By utilising ACO’s Vienite® polymer concrete, which is naturally less conductive, these units perform significantly better against stray currents compared to purely metal access points.

Compatible with 41 GPU Rails, the Rail Access Point features a large drainage area which encapsulates the drainage slot from under the rail. The unit features an integrated internal seal, making a simple and quick connection to the 110mm spigot. With easily adjustable support legs, the access unit is seated in a bed of concrete. Consequently installation is fast and efficient, because no mechanical fasteners or drilling is required to secure the unit.

Find more details on the Rail access point here.


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