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Advanced SimTech

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About us

We are a West Midlands based privately owned Engineering Company with 20 plus years experience in vehicle and occupant safety, accident reconstruction.

Our ability to help customers to capture real world data from physical testing and to seamlessly transfer this into a digital simulation models allows them to have a direct link between real world scenarios and virtual simulation (digital twin).

We are the UK reseller of the IBEO Automotive Lidar products as well as the Siemens Prescan and Madymo software toolsets, both of which are industry leading products for developing and integrating autonomous technology into all vehicles.

We can provide a unique level of service and products to our customers to help them develop and validate their products, to gather data on vehicle occupancy and passenger safety, which combined with a track record of problem solving providing real world solutions.

We strongly believe AdvancedSimTech can offer existing technological solutions currently used in the automotive sector to both light and heavy rail applications.

Engineering Services

Advanced Simtech has been supporting our customers for over 12 years helping provide a bespoke service that leverages our core skills of problem-solving and analysis techniques.

Our team have been involved in vehicle safety and Computer-Aided Engineering for over 25 years, working for a variety of leading organisations before joining advanced simtech. We have worked on projects ranging from:

Vehicle crashworthiness & Restraint systems analysis
Frontal Impact, Side Impact and Rollover protection.
Analysis of unbelted occupants and ejection mitigation.
Project management of Airbags into OEM’s
Child car seat design evaluation
Real-world collision reconstruction
Accident investigation
Mobile Mapping and CAV reference system development
Integration of Lidar to existing active safety systems