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About Us

Allen Transport Limited is a regional supplier and transporter of heavy construction and excavation materials and equipment such as tippers, crushers, tractors and excavators.

The company was founded in 2012 and its simple formula to provide the highest quality service at truly competitive prices has seen it spread far beyond its original base in Aberdeen, Scotland. The fleet currently consists of over 30 plus vehicles, including excavatorstractors and low loaders – with additions made on a regular basis.

Allen Transport now also has a base in Middlesex in England – ideally placed to serve the whole of the British Isles and Europe with the cost-effective transport and equipment provision that the industry demands.

The core customer base is the construction and civil engineering industries, but staff routinely work in all sectors which need efficient, reliable, and affordable transportation of materials and goods.

The number of staff has increased massively over the seven years, with hundreds of professionally trained and highly qualified people working across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Allen Transport is becoming the transport and logistics provider of choice for organisations across many sectors both here and overseas.

Work is carried out with the protection of the environment in mind, working with local communities and businesses to generate long-lasting and sustainable economic benefits.