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Alpha Cleantec work on rail track environment
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Alpha Cleantec AG

About Us

Alpha Cleantec AG is an environmental technologies company that uses its cutting-edge expertise to deliver tailor-made, economical and safe approaches to cleaning the rail track environment. Alpha Cleantec’s products help protect the planet, prevent unnecessary delay and can cut costs significantly.

Our solutions provide an in-situ answer to three challenges facing railway maintenance: they can control vegetation without using any glyphosates, treat glyphosate-resistant plants, clean ballast without removing or replacing stones, and decontaminate subsoil and groundwater of organic contaminants and herbicide leftovers. Tests of the decontamination process show a conversion rate of 94 per cent for organic contaminants and herbicide leftovers in subsoil and 99 per cent in groundwater.

The Alpha Cleantec R&D team has worked hand-in-hand with the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry – part of the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel – to develop environment-saving innovations that meet the highest European standards.

These environmentally friendly products are integral to Alpha Cleantec’s vision of green, rapid solutions to pollution. Our patented technology avoids the use of harmful chemicals and can be applied in seconds.

Despite delivering leading-edge solutions, Alpha Cleantec products are environmentally safe, require no special storage beyond standard procedure for chemical products, and respect current safety requirements.

In addition to savings and efficiency, Alpha Cleantec products are:

  • Green – cleaning the area without any dangerous end substance or byproducts
  • Fast – they work in hours and days, not months and years
  • Safe for users and the environment
  • Able to allow the site to be re-used
  • Non-disruptive to ongoing site work
  • Low energy requirement
  • Low CO2 footprint

Visit us at the Railtex/Infrarail 2021 exhibition. The event takes place at the Birmingham NEC from September 7-9.

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