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ARQ Rail is a Renew Holdings PLC partnership between AmcoGiffen, Rail Electrification Ltd (REL) and QTS.

Listening to our customers, ARQ has been formed to provide a truly integrated self-delivery capability for the UK rail network as it moves closer to achieving rail industry decarbonisation targets.

Each of our businesses has been providing expert services in route clearance, civil engineering and overhead line installation to enable electrification programmes throughout control periods 5 and 6. ARQ’s significant differentiator is that we work in partnership as a unified family of companies, bringing their unique skills and self-delivering the broad scope of what makes up any rail system. We offer an integrated delivery model with flat structure and reporting lines, eliminating complex contracting mechanics and removing unnecessary layers of cost and risk. We have been applying Project SPEED principles to assist Network Rail with early single option design solutions, providing whole life cost and programme advice to ensure accurate project budgets.

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An integral part for the future of UK railway decarbonisation.
We are the complete rail service, offering a wide range of Rail Systems which enables us to fulfil any decarbonisation project for the UK Rail Network.

The future of rail is innovation and integrated teams with a common end goal. Together we can ignite the spark to create a more sustainable future.

ARQ Rail – A family of businesses
AmcoGiffen, REL & QTS have been enabling electrification projects for years and are now ready to be part of the solution. By working together, ARQ Rail provides a holistic approach to electrification.

All three of these businesses are all key components of the Renew family, which provide engineering infrastructure of a sustainable future.

We have delivered on many major electrification enhancement programmes throughout CP5 & CP6 across the UK​

ARQ has an ambition to be an integral part of the future of decarbonisation of the UK Railway.​

ARQ aims to renew focus on decarbonisation of UK rail infrastructure

ARQ aims to renew focus on decarbonisation of UK rail infrastructure

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ARQ expands with new operations hire

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