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Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group

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Atkins connects people, data and technology to transform the world’s infrastructure.

Atkins is a world-leading design, engineering and project management consultancy. Our lived environment is facing rapid change; to face these challenges, we are radically transforming the way infrastructure is designed, delivered and operated. Our aim is to help create a world that is diverse, sustainable, full of thriving communities and working better for all.

As a market-leading design, engineering and project management consultancy we’re transforming infrastructure delivery.

Data and technological innovation are reshaping and improving every aspect of our lives. Our passion for turning insights into solutions helps you to use these forces to transform your infrastructure projects. That could mean fixing things for better outcomes or imagining new ways of doing things. We help to create and build the future of the lived environment.

Our mission is to work with design and engineering clients to deliver transformational infrastructure projects, using data, cutting-edge technology and design-led thinking. We bring together teams of market-leading experts to create infrastructure which shapes people’s lives for the better and makes the lived environment more sustainable and more human.

Atkins draws on some of the most skilled design and engineering professionals in the world. But skill alone is not what defines an ‘Atkins person’.

Our consultants and experts are both disruptors and collaborators, able to see — and help others see — a vision of a world that works better, for everyone. They love to listen, understand, and connect their insights to create solutions. Next, they work with our clients, using the latest digital and data technologies, to help them turn that vision into reality.

Our professionals look at the whole infrastructure ecosystem, not just our piece of it, considering long-term challenges and working backwards to today. We help to design and deliver tomorrow’s world today.


Atkins combines traditional engineering and new technologies to deliver easier, safer and more reliable transport in our increasingly connected and ever more populous world.

As a partner of choice for clients around the world, our industry-leading expertise, strategic insight and capability span the full transport ecosystem. We reimagine infrastructure across rail & transit, local transport, highways & roads, bridges, tunnels, ports & maritime and airports & aviation.

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