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About Us

Aura Brand Solutions design, make and deliver product and service solutions to implement and manage your identity and brand experience across your assets.

Aura Brand Solutions is one of Europe’s leading commercial graphics and visual communications companies. We provide branding and image management services. We do this principally using high-performance print, graphic & refurbishment solutions. Over the years we’ve packaged these with complementary services to deliver a full suite of flexible project solutions.

With over 80 years of experience in signage and graphics, we have customers across a range of diverse businesses – from major multinationals, leading global and national brands, right through to growing SMEs. We also maintain close working relationships with others in the marketing & design community, providing services to our mutual clients. We offer a complete image management service for your business, providing market-leading solutions that faithfully and consistently project your image, protect your assets and build your brand.

We aim to bring the best in product selection, quality, service, and performance to every brand implementation and image management project we are involved with. Our success comes from our ability to roll out and deliver your project on time, first time and on budget – regardless of scale or complexity.

Our services provide a range of solutions for branding, promotion, asset enhancement and refurbishment for transportation and architectural applications with our core competencies sitting across three key areas:


Vehicle branding and livery management services. Comprehensive livery solutions for commercial and public service fleets.


Train presentation and refurbishment services. Flexible project solutions to enhance, protect and maintain rail rolling stock.


Brand implementation services for the built environment. Design-led project solutions to enhance architectural surfaces and spaces.

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Aura OnTrack

offer flexible project solutions to enhance, protect & maintain rail rolling stock. From exterior branding to interior repaints, we'll keep your trains looking first class, inside & out.

Installing promotional train wrap on South West Trains carriage
We have the products and expertise to help you with everything from rail franchise branding and promotional train wraps to interior surface finishes and safety labelling requirements. Using industry leading products we manufacture and install livery for trains, tubes and trams across the UK.

Refurbishment process and wrapping of advertising train wrap on Heathrow Express
We manage exterior refurbishment and interior refresh projects for rail rolling-stock, covering scopes including: surfaces repairs, repaints, seating, glass and flooring replacements. As part of wider train overhaul programmes or franchise change, we'll get your fleet in first class condition.

Complex promotional train wrap to corrugated body of Eurotunnel double-deck loader
Look after your brand and protect rolling stock assets with our range of service solutions to combat and repair issues like, graffiti damage, corrosion and water ingress. We'll help you solve everyday problems whilst saving you time and money.

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