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About us

Axis Test Laboratories is a provider of comprehensive environmental testing that enables designers and engineers to qualify and evaluate the behaviour and performance of their products and ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied. With experience in off-shore, deep sea, rail, road and military product approvals Axis has been an integral component in many different projects in various broad industries. The procedures employed at the Axis laboratory can be applied to almost any category of equipment where exposure to environmental conditions can present a potential hazard or cause performance issues.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Axis Test Laboratories can tailor a testing plan to suit your timescale needs. We understand the importance of flexible working arrangements to ensure that deadlines are met and projects are completed and so are able to offer special services for critical tests.

Axis can offer extensive advice, drawing from the experiences of an expert team of Engineers to guide customers through every step of the testing process. This expertise allows us to provide insight and potential solutions, and to shorten development times and help reduce the costs by finalising an optimal design as quickly as possible.

Whether for approval or as part of product development, we offer an integral testing service that ensures quality from conception to beyond production.


Our core business has been in the past, marine type approval testing of equipment for offshore and sub-sea applications. Recently our portfolio of accreditation has expanded to include a range of industries. Our experience covers various areas of professional equipment where environmental conditions can be considered extreme and where safe and reliable operation is essential: Medical equipment, rolling stock equipment, railway equipment, enclosures, VMS’s (Variable Message Signs), lighting, roadside equipment, equipment for mounting near reciprocal machinery, subsea and offshore equipment.

Working to the latest revisions of standards set by the world leading classification societies, we produce a testing program using the worst case parameters from the leading worldwide classification societies. This eliminates the need to repeat testing when applying for new approvals to allow for use of your equipment on different class society vessels.

We can draw upon experience in the most critical of international standards across many organisations: British Standards (BS EN), United States Military Standards (MIL STD), ASTM International and International Organization for Standardisation (ISO)

Our fully equipped laboratory uses state of the art monitoring equipment which allows us to carry out a standard test suite and produce comprehensive and detailed reports which satisfy the criteria for most international standards organisations.