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About us

In-depth market knowledge, the close proximity to end users as well as years of experience in mechanical engineering and electronics are reflected down to the last detail in our products.

Against this backdrop, BERNSTEIN ranks among the world’s leading providers of industrial safety technology. With our comprehensive range of switches, sensors, enclosures and operator terminals, we offer our customers effective and versatile solutions. By conforming to international safety guidelines, our products perfectly integrate in individual system solutions.

Our expertise for your safety

With sound application expertise we support our customers from all branches of industry in the planning and implementation of systems designed to meet stringent safety requirements. In addition to classic plant and machine construction, we look after customers in the lift construction, automotive, agriculture, conveyor construction, automation engineering, wood-working, renewable energy, medical technology industries, AS-Interface and ATEX.

We welcome direct dialogue with our customers to enable us to provide them with the best possible solutions for their specific applications.

Future-proof solutions

Our objective is to actively influence technical innovation and modern application solutions. BERNSTEIN has therefore always been at the centre of defining trends in technology. With an unwavering commitment to the future we will continue providing the best possible answers in terms of technology, ecology and economic efficiency.

That is our definition of progress!


BERNSTEIN Ltd specialises in developing bespoke solutions to address specific rail safety issues, using technologies designed for rolling stock, trackside and in lift applications.

Trainborne solutions
• Door control and monitoring
• Position
• Dual Door
• Blind Spot Safety
• Protection of integral train systems

Trackside solutions
• Protection of monitoring equipment
• Shock
• Temperature
• Vibration
• Safe crossing gates
• SafeGate
• Solenoid locking system