BODE UK & Ireland Ltd

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About us

BODE UK & Ireland Ltd are leaders when it comes to:

  • Internal and external train doors.
  • Step systems, ramps and level access.
  • Safe and accessible boarding technology, audio/visual aids, object detection/monitoring.
  • Interiors, windows and LED lighting.
  • Condition based maintenance, retrofit, modernisation and repair.
  • Original spare parts availability.
  • Technical training and customer field support.

BODE: Products (bode-global.com)

We provide the solutions to the problems for the leading train operators, rolling stock companies and original equipment manufacturers. We have the tools, expertise and knowledge to keep your trains on the lines and your passengers happy.

BODE UK & Ireland Ltd provide a wide range of systems, components, solutions and maintenance agreements for doors and toilets on UK trains.

Our team has worked on every type of rolling stock – with that information being passed on to the next generation of the BODE UK & Ireland Ltd family. Our services include the supply of maintenance services, spares, repairs, overhauls, modification upgrades and performance enhancements.

We are an established partner of the BODE Group – major railway manufacturers and operators working throughout the world. BODE UK & Ireland Ltd is a service provider that is a front desk for all BODE UK & Ireland Ltd worldwide products which includes Bode as BODE UK & Ireland Ltd is owned by the Bode Group. Anyone who wants a BODE UK & Ireland Ltd product in the UK to fit onto a train will invariably come through to us and then we will deal with the group company. When that product comes to the UK we will support that product, service that product, provide the spares and technical support.

We take away the headache from those running the trains by providing a wide range of rolling stock components both within our facilities and at the depot, keeping fleets in service and reducing delays to passengers. BODE UK & Ireland Ltd offers local repair with local service – we can work at your depot, or we can bring the product back our facility in Milton Keynes. We can repair, we can overhaul, we can supply you spares and technical support.

Our history

BODE UK & Ireland Ltd has brought together experts in the fields of train doors, systems and toilets under one umbrella company. As a leading equipment supplier, we are an established partner of the major railway manufacturers and operators throughout the world. Among the companies we have acquired includes:

• Albatros – onboard equipment supplier.
• Rail Door Solutions – design and maintenance of train door systems.

These complement our extensive portfolio of in-house products and services and therefore BODE UK & Ireland Ltd as a global organisation.