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About us

Cembre is today the leading Italian manufacturer and one of the largest European manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling.

Extensive know-how in the field of electrical connectors, strong R&D activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification, allow Cembre to respond quickly to an increasingly demanding market expectation for high-quality products that are reliable, durable and safe.

Wide product range, expert and efficient international sales network and sharp focus on customer needs represent the strengths of the Cembre Group and ensure a significant competitive advantage in a continuously evolving global market.

Founded in December 1986, Cembre Ltd has seen years of continuous growth and is today a key manufacturing unit within the Cembre group.

Main office, laboratory and plant are based in Curdworth near Birmingham while an active sales force is available to customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Locomotive and carriages construction

Cembre has a vast range of electrical equipment used in the fitting of train carriages.

Cembre products are used for wiring in train carriages and locomotives. Some of these have been specifically designed in order to guarantee maximum performance in the specific area of use, for example, the insulated, reinforced and vibrating-resistant crimp terminals. A small copper cylinder is inserted into these between the terminal neck and the polyamide sleeve. During the compression, this is deformed on the wire insulation allowing the force to move towards the insulator thus uniformly distributing the energy of the accumulated vibrations and improving the overall mechanical seal.

Moreover, many CEMBRE products used in the railway sector comply with the EN 45545-2 standard, as they have received the Fire-smoke certification. Following specific laboratory tests, this certifies the fire behavior of materials and products used on railway vehicles.