About us

The Definitive Cybersecurity Solution for Railways

Cervello is a trusted railway cybersecurity leader dedicated to ensuring railway safety, reliability, and business continuity for railway organizations globally.

Our cybersecurity platform ​​provides railways with comprehensive protection, complete visibility, and coverage of the entire operational network and infrastructure, from signalling systems to telecom and rolling stock.

Cervello integrates directly into the railway infrastructure with zero system downtime or changes, dynamically maps all mission-critical assets and clusters them into security zones, enabling both high-level and in-depth visualization of the complete threat landscape.

As a zero-trust, yet fully passive and non-intrusive solution, Cervello assumes that any connection or command could be malicious. Therefore, it requires passive validation and authentication, which enable early threat detection. Once detected, the platform sends real-time alerts to the relevant stakeholders and provides clear and actionable remediation guidance to quickly mitigate threats and prevent further damage or delays.

About Cervello

Cervello was built from the ground up by cybersecurity, intelligence agencies, and railway veterans with vast experience in defending national critical infrastructure from cyber threats. With our experience, expertise, passion, and patented technology, our mission is to elevate cybersecurity for this unique industry needs and keep railways safe.

Our unique, zero-trust and yet fully passive cybersecurity solution provides a complete contextual representation of the operational activity and continuously monitors the railway’s mission-critical assets, enabling railway operators and infrastructure managers to mitigate threats as they arise and avoid disruption — all without interfering with the highly sensitive and complex railway infrastructure.

Railway organizations rely on Cervello to secure both their legacy and modern systems so that they can continue to operate safely.