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About Us

Chambrelan UK designs and manufactures telescopic slides and linear guide rails providing custom solutions that match the needs of its industrial customers.

Thanks to a close collaboration between its production capacities, design and development, Chambrelan UK is a major manufacturer in the ball bearing rails and the linear guide arena.

For 60 years, Chambrelan has designed, developed and provided thousands of ball bearing slides and guidance rails for industry and for equipment manufacturers who have had to put into practice translatory guidance solutions.

It is commonly called slide rail, hinge, slide, support rail, sliding rail, door slide, telescopic slide, telescopic arm, telescopic rails, translational guide, slide system, slide rail or ball guide.

This product can be used as drawer slide, translation guide, hanging rail, drawer slide, door slide, keyboard drawer, handling rail, furniture slide, telescopic stand, slide for telescopic table, horizontal guide or in some cases, in vertical guiding as for a door guidance.

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Strong and reliable slides

In the railway field (train, tramway), reliability and longevity are the two priorities when selecting components.

Reliability because the passengers safety is paramount. Durability in consideration of the extreme conditions of use; significant variations in temperature and weather, prolonged exposure to intensive vibration and high life cycle expectations of mechanical parts when in use.

Operators require robust and reliable components to ensure long life with low maintenance and low maintenance costs. Custom design solutions can be proposed to meet the most demanding of performance specifications.

In the rail sector linear guides and telescopic slides are used in many applications. As in other markets, Chambrelan is distinguished by its ability to deliver standard solutions or quickly develop customised solutions.

The main applications for our products in the railway industry are:

Exterior doors for cars
Telescopic steps
Telescopic front hood
Battery boxes drawers
Bidirectional tool boxes accessed from either side of the cars
Platform doors
Maintenance equipment

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