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About Us

CLEARSY is a French SME company which specialises in developing SIL1 to SIL4 level safety systems and software, based in Aix en Provence, Lyon, Paris and in Strasbourg.

CLEARSY was founded on January 1, 2001 by the team of engineers responsible for the industrialisation of the formal modelling tool called Atelier B, used in the railway sector to produce safety software.

It develops complex systems, from their design to putting them into service, and undertakes the interim stages of validation, checking and safety testing. CLEARSY is particularly active in the development of systems and software in the railway, car, military, nuclear energy and space industries.

With its experience in the field of engineering, CLEARSY stands out for its ability to adapt to all types of constraints, and offers solutions in line with your needs. As part of our security approach, CLEARSY develops secure systems and software ensuring the total safety of their users.

To do this, we act in multidisciplinary fields by mobilising our skills in different areas, namely:

  • Development of safe systems using formal methods
  • Operational safety
  • Development of systems that comply with railway, automotive, aeronautical, military standards, etc.
  • Safety software
  • Electronics