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Company overview

The railway sector can now realise the cost and operational benefits of the internet of things and big data when applied to their buildings and infrastructure.

CODA is supporting its rail customers to become the most efficient and fully digitalised building network in Europe. Through a combination of cloud-based software and cutting-edge IoT technology, CODAs data and insights delivers tangible business benefits by reducing operational, maintenance and utility costs.  Helping the industry to minimise emissions and reduce CO2.

It also highlights any assets that are performing in a way that is unexpected so that it is possible to undertake predictive maintenance and avoid the risk of critical asset failure and subsequent service disruption.

Providing energy and operational performance control solutions with cloud based software, advanced analytics and alerting for actionable insights, enabling better business decision making.

Our ethos is to support and retain our clients through the provision of outstanding customer service.

Our value-add is our consultative approach. We offer advice and recommendations to help our customers select the right devices and technology for their specific requirements.

CODA also has the potential to make transport buildings and sites safer for employees and customers by ensuring that health and safety guidelines are being upheld and its reporting tools can be used to evidence the network’s legislative compliance and commitment to its ESG strategy.

We support business needs with ongoing monitoring, control and meaningful alerts from our cloud application to provide enduring business efficiency solutions.