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CTM – Competency Training Marketplace

About Us

Competency Training Marketplace™ (CTM) is a user-friendly platform that connects organisations with a wide range of relevant training providers who can advertise accredited courses free of charge.

CTM also provides an integrated competency management solution that allows organisations to manage workforce compliance against accreditations within their industry at the touch of a button. Advanced analytics on CTM gives accredited training providers a view of upcoming training needs, allowing the opportunity to extend their client base and optimise business development.

With CTM, you can:

  • Manage workforce training with tracking to tell you when expiries are close
  • Find the right courses for your team with our dedicated training marketplace
  • Demonstrate effective compliance management to buying organisations


An innovative digital platform for proactive management of workforce competency and training requirements

Take a look at our short video below to find out more about how CTM can help your business.

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Our core benefits

Competency Management
With increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements, it is vital to understand and maintain visibility of workforce competency. CTM not only connects you to accredited training providers, but also enables you to forecast, manage and budget for your workforce competency needs.

A dedicated, sector-specific platform, CTM offers sponsor organisations access to a Marketplace of industry-accredited training content while offering training providers an intuitive platform to advertise their courses and manage enquiries free of charge.

Powerful analytics support smarter and more informed workforce training management by improving forecasting and budget control, as well as providing access to training courses for missing or expiring worker accreditations. CTM’s advanced insights also help training providers better understand customers’ requirements, maximise course attendance and proactively shape future courses.

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