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About Us

Deutzer Technische Kohle GmbH specialises in measurement services for rail-sector transport networks, using bespoke survey tools to capture clients’ asset conditions.

These measurement surveys have played a key role in helping more than 100 public transport authorities in 24 countries across the globe. Our experience in this field has become highly comprehensive – having carried out more than 1,000 projects to date.

The Deutzer measurement survey aims to give a realistic picture of a rail network. Our measurements check the integrity of infrastructure whilst using the operator’s designated rolling stock vehicle, which allows for a dynamic assessment of the condition of the asset.

Among the different parts of the infrastructure measured, we use an overhead wire wear measurement system (FDS4) to enable overhead-line inspections. This allows the measurement team to analyse the interaction between the overhead wire and the pantograph.

The system can measure the wire profile with cross section, the wire height, the wire gradient, stagger and any shocks acting on the contact strip. The 2D profile can be compared with a new profile, in addition a 3D model can be created from the 2D profiles for evaluation of construction parts (Figure 1). Data is pinpointed as close as possible to the section of the track it was collected, helping to locate any hidden faults.

Deutzer Technische Kohle Overhead Wire Profiles

Figure 1: 2D and 3D overhead wire profiles

Our track geometry measurement service is extensive: The system logs the entire geometry of the track, capturing a wide range of variables, including gauge, twisting and curve radius. Rail profiles can also be recorded, wear determined and sections with corrugations detected. As for the contact wire, the actual profile of the rail can be compared with a new profile and a 3D model can also be created.

As part of a safety-first regime, our clearance gauge measurements can help detect obstacles that would potentially obstruct travelling rail vehicles – and can simulate static and dynamic vehicle envelopes along the route to prevent possible danger.

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Other rail-related measurement services include:

· Voltage and current (overhead wire and third rail)
· Thermal imaging (Temperature at the contact point)
· Ride comfort
· Noise levels
· Platform edges
· Pantograph contact
· Wheel-rail Interaction
· Third rail profile and position
· Trolleybus overhead wire
· Rack wear and geometry

Measurement data is gathered instantaneously, and full training is provided to ensure customers get the most out of the easy-to-use evaluation software, DTK-Explorer.

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