Digital Transit Limited

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Company overview

Digital Transit Limited (DTL) is a technology business specializing in condition monitoring and machine vision, safety critical software assessment, cybersecurity support and training.

DTL believe that for a sustainable and low-carbon future, it is everybody’s right to be able to travel safely on resilient and affordable transportation systems. Travel enhances the quality of life. Our goal is to improve rail transportation by being part of the push to improve 21st century systems by using digitisation and automation.

To reach this goal, DTL applies the knowledge of its team which has over 150 years of combined railway engineering experience – we know the railway! We also have gifted and experienced computer and data scientists who enable us to capitalise on this experience, utilising new ways of working such as machine learning, to augment existing skills. We own intellectual property and patents in autonomous vision and cybersecurity tools. DTL also provide services to railway clients including independent software safety assessment and safety critical software training.


Condition Monitoring

Features include:

  • Fully autonomous video analytics system.
  • Makes use of cutting-edge convolutional neural networks (CNNs) – artificial intelligence.
  • Able to detect objects of interest from standard video.
  • Integrates easily with customers’ existing systems.
  • Works with existing cameras or new camera deployments.
  • Works with off-the-shelf hardware.

Safety Critical Software Assessment

  • Software assessment against EN50128 in Australia – assessment of a new train vigilance system software development aginst the CENELEC Standard EN50128:2011.
  • Software assessment against EN50128 for DCO and ASDO SIL2 Software in the UK – for Driver Controlled Operation (DCO) and Automatic Selective Door Operation (ASDO) system software development against the CENELEC Standard EN50128.
  • Independent Safety Assessment and Software Assessment in Portugal – Digital Transit Ltd has been awarded a contract to be the software assessor against  EN50128 for a SIL2 train stop application in Portugal.


Training courses for engineers, managers and decision-makers.

  • Safety Critical Software in Rail.
  • Railway OT Cyber Security.


Digital Transit Limited offer a one-day workshop, or six-week modular online course, for engineers, managers and other rail decision makers to learn about the new TS50701 standard. The workshops help you to expand your knowledge and make better decisions around the standards and their application in the area of railway cyber security.

The course is based on the new railway cyber security specific CENELEC standards, TS50701 and best practice from other OT and IT Cyber security standards such as ISO27001, IEC 624423 and the Australian Standard® AS 7770 Rail Cyber Security.


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