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DWG Infraco are Specialist Suppliers and Installers of Life Extension Materials and Geotechnical Engineering Services for Rail, Airports, Highways, and Industrial Infrastructure

DWG offer a unique range of concrete and timber repair products, along with ground stabilisation, void filling and waterproofing, that extend the service life to damaged areas of infrastructure.

Spikefast – Rail

Specifically created to remediate timber sleepers. It was designed to efficiently anchor spikes or screws with comparable strength to that of new timber. Its pull out resistance is 20% greater than that of new hardwood.

A simple to use product that is solid in 20 minutes, so it can be drilled as new timber and allowing a quick return to service.

Its versatility means the material can be used in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃ and in wet weather conditions.

Spikefast is available in two different variations, ET-75 and ES-50.

ET-75 is a more viscous product aimed more at repairing screw holes
ES-50 is more fluid, ideal for filling voids, splits and chair indentation
Spikefast has approval certificates from London Underground and Network Rail; it is also used by Belgium Railways.