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About us

We want to make a lasting positive difference to our environment and the people who live within it.

Here at Ecus we know that through collaboration with our clients, we produce outcomes that benefit your projects, the environment, and our entire community.

For the past 30 years, our mission has been to provide future-facing solutions which protect the delicate balance between the environment and development.

Sustainability underpins everything we do, so whether we are operating within infrastructure, agriculture or government sectors, our work creates a better tomorrow.

Founded in Sheffield over 30 years ago, Ecus has been positioned at the forefront of the environmental sector, growing alongside society’s change in interaction with the environment.

Our headquarters are still located in the ‘Outdoor City’ and now with offices located all over the UK, we deliver work across the length and breadth of the country.

Through our evolution, we have witnessed significant changes in how companies deliver development and we carry our experience forward to our staff, our clients and the wider community.

We focus on remaining at the forefront of each technical service so that learning and innovation can be passed on to the benefit of all our projects and clients.

As a medium-sized company we strike the balance between being flexible and personable, while remaining able to work across the largest schemes in the country.

We’ve recently welcomed Northern Archaeological Associates to the Ecus family, further strengthening our range of services, particularly in the Heritage and Archaeology sectors.


The transport sector is constantly changing to meet modern demands. At Ecus, we have over 30 years of experience, placing us at the forefront of rail and highways infrastructure development.

Our flexibility and adaptability has allowed us to work on some of the country’s largest projects, and our responsive team of experts have created long-lasting relationships with major organisations.

With comprehensive experience and service offerings, we’re able to fully service the transportation industry and its sub-sectors. Our collaborative technical teams provide understanding, guidance and solutions to tackle the complex requirements of this sector.