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English Regional Transport Association

English Regional Transport Association

About Us

The English Regional Transport Association (ERTA) is a voluntary membership-based, pro-public transport improvement association. It works towards better public transport as a pro-rail campaign group for the English Regions.

ERTA’s main projects were initially in the Bedfordshire and surrounding regional areas, but its remit has since increased since several of its projects have a nationwide positive benefit and impact. Membership is therefore open to all.

ERTA campaigns for an environmentally-friendly, integrated, comprehensive, inclusive and affordable transport system including rail (particularly new and re-opened lines and stations), buses, cycling and pedestrian facilities.

It advocates for a rolling programme of line re-openings across the English regions through campaigns and public projects. Its top priorities are Bedford-Cambridge, Great Central, Guildford-Horsham and rail links to Northampton.

As an independent, voluntary association ERTA relies on a growing membership to help invest in its campaigning work and maintain a network of activists who seek to forward its goals.

Members get regular newsletters keeping them abreast of progress, news and outlaying opportunities to get involved, engage and be actively playing a part to make the most of any opportunities which come its way. It also appoints area reps to help with recruitment and seeking opportunities, time, skills, and talents.

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