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Company overview

Erskine Nash Associates helps organisations with the challenge of ‘Perfecting Team Performance’.

We work with clients all over the world, from small businesses to multinationals, to help companies drive effectiveness and performance. How? By successfully delivering change in three main areas:

  1. Clarity: getting everyone truly on the same page. Sharing a common understanding of challenges, the vision of success, and developing the strategies required to achieve it.
  2. Alignment: ensuring that the organisation is lean and fit for purpose. Making sure that the operating model, size, structure, and culture are optimized and work together rather than in conflict.
  3. Behaviour: developing the skills required for effective leadership and team working. We do this through coaching, mentoring and high-quality training.

You won’t find an ‘off the shelf’ solution here. No two organisations are ever the same and we don’t treat them like they are either.

We tailor our offer to your situation, needs and budget.

What we do

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Our highly experienced team are experts in perfecting team performance.

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Our guarantee

If after half a day of our first assignment with you, you decide you’ve made a mistake, there’s no fee, no problem. Nobody’s ever decided to do this so we’re very confident you won’t either.