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Eurofins York is the established market leader for the provision of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) services to the railway industry, offering regulatory guidance & compliance services, research, testing and training.

EMC is a significant concern within the railway industry. Failures in compatibility within and between systems such as signalling, traction, control and communications can introduce unreliability and compromise the safety of passengers and staff.

Eurofins York provides comprehensive support to the Railway industry, covering: compliance and regulatory issues, EMC Project Management, on-site and laboratory testing as well as hazard identification and risk assessment, theoretical and computational assessments and problem-solving.

We have many years of expertise, with a wide range of experience and a solid track record of demonstrating EMC for major railway projects both in the UK and worldwide.

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Services include -

Our in depth knowledge and experience enables us to provide a wide range of services to demonstrate EMC and safety

• EM hazard identification and risk management; desk based studies, on-site inspection, cable studies for HAZID and workshops
• EMC project management and control; EMC management plans and strategies; compilation of the EMC compliance evidence
• EMC Technical Documentation preparation for apparatus
• Cable studies and design reviews for induced voltages and other considerations
• Review of equipment documentation to ensure compliance with any project
• Analysis of EMC gaps between required and supplied specifications/evidence
• Notified Body assessment of EMC Technical Documentation
• Computational modelling
• Bespoke measurements
• EMC/EMF site surveys
• On site EMC testing
• Accredited laboratory testing for EMC, electrical safety, Radio and Telecommunications and EMF.

One of our strengths is our breadth of capabilities. We are able to apply our expertise to identify EMC problems, devise diagnostic test methods or computational models and provide data to enable issues to be understood more clearly and provide solutions.

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