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FASET – Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training

About Us

FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) is the established trade association and training body for the safety netting and temporary safety systems industry.

FASET has long been a foundation in supporting its members with expert quality guidance, dedicated working at height training and exclusive membership benefit schemes all with the intention of promoting a safer way of working. Falls from height are still the leading cause of death in the workplace, and that’s why we strive to achieve extremely high standards with our training, courses and guidance and that is shown through our trusted and reliable contractors, manufacturers and trainers in the industry. Being a FASET member is a symbol of trust and ensuring complete peace of mind when businesses choose our members to partner with. All members undergo a rigorous audit which is now accredited by SSiP and is therefore mutually recognised with other health and safety assessment schemes, vitally important if you or your colleagues work at height.

FASET Members work collectively to create a great amount of free to access guidance which can be downloaded from our website to help those working at height. The guidance created provides good practices for contractors and provides understanding of the working at height industry for clients.

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Working from height in the rail industry

Working from height isn’t unusual for those maintaining the railways, with everything from mobile elevated working platforms to ladders all common place. But one thing they all share is the importance for those working at height to operate responsibly.

Although in the majority of cases, any falls may result in no or minor injuries, unfortunately there are too many examples of the consequences being far more serious.

In the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) annual figures for 2019/20, 111 people were killed at work – 29 were from falls from height. The construction sector still accounts for the largest number of fatalities at 40 – up from 30.

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