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About us

Fenix Rail Systems is a trusted provider of high-quality depot control systems and mainline signalling services that bring quality, safety and reliability to the railways.

Our collaborative approach to projects enables our clients to enjoy the benefits of a well-managed, cost-effective project through to completion.

In a highly regulated industry such as rail, there is no compromise on system performance or safety. At Fenix Rail Systems we utilise proven technology and modern design methods to ensure that safety, reliability and maintainability are optimised on all of our systems.

Our IRSE-qualified engineers design, install and test our Signalling and Depot Control Systems to the most rigorous quality standards.

Fenix’s Tie-FenLock Depot Control systems have been developed specifically for use in railway operational depots, stabling, steelworks, ports, freight terminals and associated facilities. Tie-FenLock is a trusted industry name with over 30 year’s operational use in the UK and more than 1,000 systems deployed worldwide.

Across multiple railway disciplines, we have employed an in-depth understanding of the technicalities involved in Signalling and Depot Control principles and technology on projects across the globe. Our team boasts many years of major project delivery experience for a wide range of major clients in the rail sector.

Whatever your signalling requirements, Fenix has it covered.

The Future in Depot Control with Fenix Rail Systems

In an industry where there can be no compromise on system performance or safety Fenix Rail Systems has the solution!

Tie-FenLock is a name to trust with over 30 year’s operational use in the UK and over a 1,000 systems deployed worldwide. Tie-FenLock Depot Control systems are developed specifically for railway operational depots, stabling, steelworks, ports, freight terminals and similar facilities. Our systems provide a cost effective, highly reliable train control solution that has bespoke functionality driven by client requirements. Fenix Rail Systems provide a collaborative approach to projects, our clients benefit from our expertise in rail signalling, enabling Fenix to deliver a cost effective turnkey train control solution which includes signalling alterations and interfaces to any mainline interlocking. Our service includes design, installation testing and commissioning