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About us

James Findlay and John Irvine met while working at Ferranti in Edinburgh. With the recent invention of the transistor, they decided there must be a future for a company specialising in Industrial Electronics and, in 1960, Findlay Irvine was born.

The pair rented half of the building previously occupied by the primary school in Penicuik, just a few miles south of Edinburgh in Scotland. After a while they rented the other half and then bought the building. Over the years a number of extensions and other buildings were added, but the old school building still forms the heart of the production facility.

The company quickly developed a reputation for developing innovative electronic and mechanical products. Partnerships with Universities and research establishments led to range of ground-breaking technologies and a number of industry awards.

Since its inception, the company has grown to over 40 staff from research and development, production, service, sales and marketing and administration.

As international markets evolved, the company specialised in transport safety related products and services whilst maintaining an innovative and partnering approach. ISO 9001:2008 accreditation has also been achieved and the company continues to pride itself on its engineering expertise, which allows products to be tailored to exact customer requirements.

Rail Condition Monitoring

Rail Operators around the world are adopting condition based maintenance to…

– Improve staff and passenger safety
– Reduce operational expenditure
– Improve operational reliability
– Maximise asset life

Findlay Irvine supply a range of class leading monitoring solutions and control for rail fixed assets covering the heavy rail, metro and tram markets.