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GAI-TRONICS® owned by Hubbell Incorporated, is the world’s largest company focused on the communication needs of the world’s industrial markets. Founded in 1946, GAI-TRONICS earliest products set the industry standard for durability and reliability. While maintaining our commitment to the principles of quality and customer service, today’s GAI-TRONICS aggressively applies leading edge technology to address the world’s most challenging communication needs, and is backed by stability, reputation, and financial strength of Hubbell Incorporated, a worldwide leader in electrical and electronic products.

Mission: Any enterprise where individuals are subjected to an environment that poses challenges to reliable communications and potential harm to people, property, and process, must deal with the need for responding to a possible emergency. These environments are an opportunity for GAI-TRONICS to provide systems, products, and services to improve communications. The benefits to the stakeholders in these environments are to improve reaction time, improve chances for minimizing injury, and saving lives. It is therefore the mission of GAI-TRONICS to provide systems, products, and services of the highest reliability in every one of these opportunities.

Public Transport

From platform announcements to level crossing emergencies, our communication solutions for public transport encompass safety and control needs from every angle.



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