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About us

GOS Tool & Engineering Services Ltd. are a market leading manufacturer of Road Rail Vehicles (RRV’s) and specialist rail infrastructure installation and maintenance equipment solutions.

Our range includes Tracked and Wheeled Excavators, Flash Butt Welders, Rail Cranes, Box back and Flatbed Lorries; as well as a series of ancillary equipment including Lifting Beams, Sleeper Layers, Trailers and Rail Trolleys. The company also produces an assortment of wagon based maintenance and amenity modules in our extensive fabrication, machine shop and assembly facilities.

Manufacturers of a wide range of innovative Road Rail Vehicles and ancillary equipment.

A Specialist supplier of wagon based modular units for the installation, maintenance and management of rail infrastructure.

A privately owned market leading company with it’s design and manufacturing base in the UK.

Cable Monorail System Hauling Series for Balfour Beatty

GOS was commissioned by Balfour Beatty to:

– Design and manufacture in line with the principles with the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM RA)
– 5 HU’s in total to be designed and manufactured
– Control system to deliver performance level d (PLd) monitoring of the cable tension
– Allow transition of the HU to the next location within the tunnel whilst maintaining constant minimal tension preventing cable sag
– Allow continuous motion of the interconnector cable when used with multiple HU’s
– Provide inter-unit communication system that wirelessly (via fibre optic) sent HU data to all other HU’s and to a ground unit at the tunnel entrance