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About us

Nick Goss established GCL in 2005 in the firm belief that achieving equality and promoting diversity was not only about legal compliance but was a key ingredient to modern day organisational development. GCL’s client list illustrates the organisation’s established profile across the private, public and third sector. We believe in getting to know our clients and what matters to them.

In 70% of cases we have worked with clients for more than three years, giving us the ability to understand the organisation’s culture, their way of working and the aims and objectives in their inclusion strategies. Quality is at the heart of all our work. GCL has been ISO9001 certified since 2008 and our commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that in 95% of cases, GCL has achieved an ‘excellent’ rating in our project evaluations. Looking after our people is as important to us as looking after our clients.

Our people represent many of the UK’s leading equality experts and we are firmly committed to working with them to ensure that their skills and experiences are put to best use and that they have ongoing access to career development opportunities. Finally, we believe that future business is inclusive business and we want to ensure that all our clients have every opportunity to minimise the substantial legal risk of getting it wrong, whilst maximising from the very real organisational benefits of getting it right, when it comes to achieving equality and promoting diversity.

Goss Consultancy Ltd (GCL) are working across the Rail Industry to hardwire access and inclusion into project management and delivery

Our services include:

  • Access and Inclusive Design Appraisals
  • Access and Inclusive Design Training
  • Access and Inclusion Project Management Support
  • Access and Inclusion Strategy Reviews
  • Access Audits/Reviews
  • Digital Accessibility Reviews
  • Diversity/Equality Impact Assessment Training and Development
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Audits/Reviews
  • Inclusive Customer Service Training
  • Policy/Practice Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement

We are supporting the transport sector to future-proof the Rail Industry, for all.