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About Us

Graphite Partners: Discover and implement systems that make your business more efficient.

Whether it’s streamlining your end-to-end workflows, introducing remote working processes, transforming your procurement, or anything else that will enable you to cut costs and drive growth, Graphite Partners has the experience and expertise to deliver positive results. If you’re an established company that wants to unlock extra profits from your existing business, we are here to help. From opportunity analysis through to hands-on implementation, our team of experienced consultants can assist you every step of the way.

Workflow Solutions

A bigger business doesn’t have to mean complicated procedures. By implementing a workflow solution, you’ll be able to simplify your processes and get better results.

Procurement Systems

Whatever procurement procedures you already have in place, we can help you improve your ROI without sacrificing quality. We can assist you with all your cost transformation tasks.

Transformation Consultancy

Facing difficult business decisions? With our expert and objective guidance, you get more than just advice; we work alongside you to implement all solutions, from the factory floor to the boardroom.

Graphite Partners helps medium-to-large companies optimise their businesses by improving their workflows, transforming their procurement systems, and implementing the resources they need for ongoing success.

Working with us means access to our team of experienced industry experts, as well as our large network of partners and service providers. Today we work with clients across a wide range of industries including such fields as transport, logistics, and gaming, and help them take their business to the next level.

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Solutions for the Rail Industry

Rail travel is increasingly popular in the UK, with more passengers requiring more stations, trains, and employees. Keeping all those people happy isn’t always easy though, especially with new challenges such as Brexit and COVID-19 having a substantial effect on the industry.

We’ve helped rail companies such as Network Rail, Chiltern Railways, and Northern Rail to improve their customer experience, their efficiency and their compliance. All of our workflow solutions are designed with ease of use in mind, requiring minimal training and fitting in with any existing technology. At the same time, you’ll have all the data and analytics you need to make long-term improvements.

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