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About us

Knowing an industry, or a sectors requirement is where you are able to give a much better and informed decision on the facts, this gives you the overarching ability to think outside of the proverbial box.

At Grinsty Rail we have that knowledge in abundance, from an Electronics interface on a Data Recorder, to a Fireguard requirement on a specific seat, right through a problem that you didn’t realise you had whereby we can then help to give you a solution to a problem that has been long time in trying to resolve.

Based across two sites in the West and East Midlands, we are able to offer services that cover a remit from an overhaul and service, to design and development across a spectrum of products and services.

With our industry accreditations underpinning the businesses and our memberships of supporting alliances, we are in a great position to help you today or in the near future.

Sheffield Tram Seating Refurbishment

Grinsty Rail Interiors recently secured a contract for the refurbishment of 2 Tram Sets of seating for Stagecoach Supertram – Sheffield. This involved collecting the seating from the Depot in Sheffield and bringing them all back to our premises in Giltbrook.

Once on-site, the existing covers and foams were removed leaving the boards to be recovered. New covers had already been cut and sewn in-house against pre-developed templates. The original covers were “fixed trim”, i.e. they were stapled to the boards. Grinsty Rail Interiors re-developed the seat assemblies to allow “loose covers” to be fitted by way of “slitting” the boards and fitting velcro to the boards and covers, enabling easier removal for maintenance purposes.

These covers were manufactured from a moquette, and embroidered, prior to receiving the seats, thus enabling us to re-trim, including brand new foams, and deliver back to the Sheffield Depot, in a timely and efficient manner, to the quality levels expected.