Real time- real smart

Helix provides digital tools for progressive assurance and end-to-end material management that help some of the UK’s largest rail projects run smoothly.

Connecting teams seamlessly by integrating assurance, design and material management to give you a complete view of your project’s progress.

Access all areas of your project at pace, in one place. Live maps, dashboards, trackers and KPIs show exactly how your project is progressing in real-time. Capture data on-site using our mobile app to create quality check sheets, shift reports and site surveys, complete with photos, videos and location data, connecting teams across disciplines and suppliers.

Take control with advanced material management features. From requisitions to orders, deliveries, picking and returns. Helix helps you manage every step of the process.

Helix is the digital hub that manages your project’s workflow from design to hand-back.

When the project is big… you need clever.

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