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HJS Emission Technology

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Innovative exhaust reduction technologies for the rail industry

HJS have contributed to air quality improvements in the rail sector for several years providing emission reduction exhaust systems equipped with its innovative Sintered Metal Filter (SMF) technology for PM reduction.

Due to its unique design, the HJS SMF has significant advantages in comparison to conventional honeycomb filters in terms of ash loading capacity and cleanability resulting in significantly lower ownership costs over its life time.  The ash loading capacity of an SMF is approximately 1.8 times higher than a conventional filter which leads to up to 30% more operating hours between cleaning cycles.

The SMF has an open pocket structure allowing access to any ash stored which can then be cleaned using a conventional pressure washer.  In summary, the HJS SMF offers some key advantages when compared to conventional DPF systems.

HJS UK rail projects

HJS UK have teamed up with Vivarail to provide particulate reduction systems for their innovative diesel hybrid powered solution being installed onto ex London underground rolling stock.  Vivarail trains are now being used on several commuter branch lines to boost passenger capacity whilst reducing environmental impact thanks to the HJS SMF.

SCRT for rail

With numerous inner city low emission zones and clean air zones being introduced, the pressure is increasing on rail operators to reduce their impact on air quality.  In order to develop its NOx reduction applications for the rail industry further, HJS UK are working closely with one of the largest train leasing companies in the UK.    The HJS SMF will be used in conjunction with an HJS SCR system to provide a substantial reduction of PM, NOx and NO2 on a Cummins powered DMU.