Howells Railway Products Ltd

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Company overview

We are Howells Railway Products, a UK-based manufacturer with extensive product and system design and development expertise, offering an innovative and diverse range of manufactured products from our facility in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

The plant contains everything required to produce a full and diverse range of equipment, from component manufacture through to finished goods. And the recent addition of a new 40,000 ft. sq. CNC workshop enhances our traditional production facility, which includes hydraulics, welding, fabrication and paint shops alongside specialised product manufacture cells. This allows us to offer volume manufacture of new product alongside reverse-engineering and continued support for legacy equipment from other OEMs.

Since 1947, we’ve designed, developed and manufactured an extensive range of products. We remain an independent family-run business with an adaptable and flexible approach so we can work closely with you whether your requirements are large or small.


A wide range of fully approved Howells designed and manufactured for railway infrastructure in the UK and overseas.


A manufacturing facility that provides everything needed to produce a full range of equipment from components to finished goods.

Specialist Design

Product design in collaboration with you to meet your standards and unique and specific needs.


Specialist equipment and trusted methodology to re-engineer products for tangible performance improvements.

Facts and stats

  • 70 employees
  • 80 precision machines
  • 1,100 specialist products
  • 100,000 ft2 manufacturing facility
  • Supplying to more than 36 countries across 6 continents