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About Us

Hydro Pole Products provide hinged aluminium solutions that are an easily accessible, cost-effective and safe way to mount rail-side signals, lighting and cameras.

Our hinged pole – known as a HiLo pole – offers a simpler solution to common methods of mounting, accessing and maintaining rail-side equipment. Hydro Pole Products cater for everything from signposts and Wig Wag signals to CCTV and lighting. When the attached equipment requires maintenance, there’s no need for a ladder or a cherry picker. Instead, our HiLo poles can be employed to lower the equipment to ground level. This can be done quickly, by hand and with none of the safety concerns caused by ladders or elevated platforms.

Operated with one simple tool, Hydro’s aluminium poles are light: they weigh only a third of their steel counterparts, enabling a quick and easy installation. They are ideal in areas of heavy traffic – or infrastructure that could otherwise suffer delay caused by bulkier or more hazardous methods of access.

Meet us at the Railtex/Infrarail exhibition, on September 7-9. The event takes place at the Birmingham NEC.

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Our bespoke solutions

Crucially, Hydro Pole Products can be built bespoke to each site. Our designers work with project teams to provide the right equipment to fit alongside the needs of the end-user. This allows for a wide range of different electronic applications, with the poles themselves measuring as high as eight metres.

Hydro Pole Products are made from extruded aluminium, and the hinge mechanism is invisible to the naked eye, making for a seamless answer to long-term maintenance. This discreet design is a vital feature in areas where vandalism has been an issue.

Aluminium is also environmentally friendly. This plays a key part in the aluminium pole’s life cycle – and your relationship with us. Where available, Hydro Pole Products runs a take-back scheme: we retrieve the old poles, dismantle them and remelt them as part of aluminium’s endless lifecycle.

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