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Company overview

At Icomera our mission is to make public transportation smarter, safer and more attractive.

We believe in a better future powered by The Connected Journey; a digital revolution in mobility leveraging high-performance mobile Internet connectivity and supported by a wide range of applications which increase passenger satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency, and improve safety and security. Serving millions of passengers and tens of thousands of trains, trams, buses, and coaches every day, Icomera are accelerating the industry’s digital transition.

Centralised Connectivity Platform | Our powerful, secure, and fully integrated platform combines proprietary core connectivity technology, onboard hardware, and cloud-based management software to deliver cost efficiency, long-term reliability, and provable results.

Passenger Experience | We deliver a wide range of services which improve the experience of those travelling, increasing satisfaction levels and ultimately encouraging passengers to use public transport more often.

Safety & Operational Efficiency | Leveraging our onboard connectivity platform, we deploy solutions which make travel safer for passengers and more cost-efficient for operators.

Design, Installation & Support | Offering truly end-to-end solutions “as a service”, we build a team around your team, taking care of everything from planning and design, through to installation and continuous support.


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