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Indestructible Paint Ltd continues to exceed customer expectations, through a speciality in manufacturing high quality, high-performance materials, paints and coatings. We continue to focus on improving our people, processes and aerospace coatings solutions. We do so through product innovation and customer-orientated, collaborative research. At Indestructible Paint, we work closely with our client base. This allows us to meet, and anticipate, changing market pressures, environmental issues and legislation.

We continue to increase our market share globally through the help of our ever-growing distributor network. As well as our outstanding customer service. We enhance knowledge, delivery and service through continued investment. All whilst maintaining our social and environmental obligations.

Through innovation and creativity, we have engineered a variety of specialist and niche products. All of which help solve technical issues our customers are facing. We work to develop solutions that overcome issues. For example, as protection against high temperatures, resistance to heat abrasion, corrosion and other aircraft operating fluids. As well as developing chrome-free alternatives to meet global environmental legislation.

Our Research and Development team have created products such as; water-based coatings, low VOC coatings and low chrome or chrome-free alternative coatings. All without hindering the performance of any of our products. We have also developed coatings to reflect many Defence Standards and MIL Specifications. This helps aid our customers in solving problems they have encountered.

We are committed to product innovation and quality. We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture any quantities of specialised products from our UK premises for distribution worldwide. As a result of our extensive research and development, we have received approvals for many of our products by many companies. Including: Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and British Aerospace, amongst many others. We are also an approved manufacturer to ISO9001 / AS9100 Revision ‘D’. We also hold accreditation to environmental specification ISO14001.


Here at Indestructible Paint, we design industrial rail coating solutions for areas below the solebar on rolling stock. When developing the impact-resistant coatings, we have made them for use in the rail industry. In particular, they are ideal for applications which require an anti-corrosive and abrasion-resistant coating. Such as coatings for passenger rail vehicles and coatings for freight rail vehicles. We are now a leading rail coatings supplier in the UK and provide high performance paints that stand the test of time.

We have decades of experience under our belts when it comes to industrial coating solutions. As a result, we know plenty about performance coatings. Indestructible Paints Ltd have a vast range of industrial coating systems for the rail industry. Our high-performance protective coatings are based on the latest proven technology. This has previously been used to provide solutions to the aerospace industries. However, we now apply this technology to the passenger and freight rail sectors. This includes underground and city tram vehicles and coatings for rail undercarriage. In brief, our performance coatings offer long lasting protection against corrosion and other aggressive operating conditions. At the same time, extending the operating life for its customer’s assets.


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