Infrastructure Projects Services Ltd.

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Company Overview

As revolutionary designers and pioneers in customized consultancy services, IPS strives to bring our clients a one-stop service.

At every stage, our engineers ensure the ‘Right First Time Approach’ by embodying the ‘One – Team Approach.

Our core values revolve around delivering cost-effective, collaborative, and comprehensive solutions for all types of infrastructure projects, irrespective of their size and nature, with a high level of synergy among all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

IPS are passionately committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, and tailor-made Design & Engineering Management solutions.

We are constantly evolving and aspire to be Design Partners by Choice.

The needs of our clients are paramount, and we actively encourage discussion and collaboration throughout the design process, particularly with respect to risk management, design integration, and interfacing with third parties on behalf of the clients.

Thus, ensuring all stakeholders have a thorough understanding of the relevant aspects of the programme, including design, specification, and cost.

Key Services