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Interflon are a new revolution in rail maintenance

Interflon is here to help you to move forward in a constantly evolving world with innovative lubrication solutions. We operate in more than 50 countries, servicing over 135.000 clients in all kinds of industries. We give the market a new working method: we reframe Technical Maintenance.

Never has it been more important for the rail industry to look at new ways to reduce operational costs, while becoming more reliable in transportation schemes. This poses challenges for rail networks worldwide.

Interflon helps companies to reduce their maintenance, energy costs and down-time

We employ 400 skilled Technical Advisors worldwide to assist our customers on-site in optimizing their processes and implementing the selected Interflon lubricants converting them into real cost saving solutions. Our products reduce maintenance cost, power consumption and CO2 emissions whilst promoting component reliability and factory output.

MicPol® is the signature technology in Interflon products. Developed in-house by our own team of scientists, MicPol® is what makes our products stand out from all others. So, how does it all work?

MicPol® stands for micronization and polarization. The solid lubrication particles in our products are micronized, meaning that they are reduced to a tiny diameter of between .05 to 15 microns. This is what allows them to penetrate every tiny crack, crevice, and pore on the surface of an object. You cannot see these cracks with the naked eye, but MicPol® fills them and eliminates the resistance they would otherwise offer to anything moving over the surface.

Some examples of applications in rail

Interflon supports Network Rail in the track maintenance. Neil Denton: “Thanks to the right advice and use of Interflon products, the time required for maintenance is greatly reduced whilst the asset performance has been significantly improved. The results are impressive.”

Revolutionised fishplate lubrication without dismantling
The steel rail expands and contracts due to variations in temperatures; the rail reaches a critical temperature before expansion occurs. To accommodate for this, a 6 mm gap is left between the two rail ends. Joints become stiff due to corrosion, old grease or over-tightened bolts. If the joint is stuck or too stiff, the track gauge will naturally widen. Recent independent laboratory testing undertaken by our rail clients has shown that their traditional greasing practices can in fact cause joints to become much stiffer than they had originally thought!

Interflon Lube EP has revolutionised the lubrication and performance of fishplates and breathers, as it is able to penetrate into all the joints without the need to dismantle them. For some regions this means months of maintenance time are saved. Once the Lube EP has penetrated, it provides a long-lasting low-friction coating, improving the joint performance and reducing the friction by as much as 91 percent.