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At our company, we specialize in delivering impactful outcomes in complex situations that involve the interaction of people, process, technology, and culture. Our team is equipped with expertise and models, as well as our Making Innovation Happen (MIH) Framework, to turn innovative ideas into sustainable value.

By working on complex challenges and utilizing the MIH Framework, we help our clients embed new capabilities and increase their capacity to grow and stand alone without the need for ongoing support. We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed and thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Our Story

We are a purpose-led consultancy that makes innovation happen and delivers outcomes with impact for our customers, and their customers.

Experience matters and we have worked with clients on a diverse range of assignments including:

  • Programme management for the Rail Supply Group (RSG) to help deliver shared commitments between industry, the DfT, and BEIS.
  • Our RSG work includes the launching the rail industry Work Pipeline Visibility Charter, rail data marketplace commercialisation, digital railway developments and creating a supply chain capability mapping system.
  • Business growth and market entry consultancy for SMEs, tech start-ups and microbusinesses.
  • Technology transfer including satellite technology and artificial intelligence applications for asset management.
  • Productivity measurement based on the development of an innovative balanced scorecard.

One of our most exciting business initiatives has been developing our unique Making Innovation Happen (MIH) Framework and the launch of our IC Innovation Club to help companies, organisations, teams and people unlock their innovation potential and turn their ideas into sustainable value. We explore innovation using several themes – the business of innovation, accelerating innovation, creating an innovation culture, making innovation contagious, user-supplier collaboration, embedding innovation, marketing innovation, managing innovation and measuring innovation.

Members can join from any industry or business of any size – we know ideas and innovations can come from anywhere. Organisations can secure places for themselves or even a third party such as a partner or supplier, promoting innovation clusters and diverse thinking.

Standard Membership is free and includes access to IC Insights White Papers, podcasts, IC Explore webinars. Premium Membership includes 1-2-1 sessions with an innovation consultant each month.

Importantly, the MIH Framework is flexible, recognising innovation happens in complex situations comprising a mix of people, processes, technology, and culture. Sustainable change only happens when the mix undergoes permanent change, and we can help organisations navigate their journey through the complex innovation landscape.

In addition to the IC Innovation Club, we provide consultancy services using the MIH Framework to help customers increase their capability and capacity to innovate. Counter-intuitively, we define success as being able to step away, knowing our customers have embedded a standalone capability to continuously innovate.

We are equally proud of our social impact. As a purpose-led business, 1% of our revenue is donated to charities and our local community in the East Midlands. This commitment reminds us that every day, with the help of our customers, we can make a difference by helping others.

We try to make a difference in everything we do.


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