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About us

Jafco Tools Ltd (established in 1981) Jafco Tools Limited are renowned for the manufacture of specialist hand tools for use in safety-critical situations. No one demands more from their tools than professionals who work in environments where safety and performance are key. The majority of our extensive tool range features the significant advantages of Pultruded Fibreglass handles which exceed the relevant British Standards for Fibreglass. Fibres are electrical grade, tensioned, continuous and parallel, with over 70% fibre by mass.

Jafco is committed to continuous product development and we have conducted extensive research to produce our own high specifications, ensuring that our specialised tools are designed to deliver superior strength, performance & durability in all situations. We are also extremely active in the field of customer project development, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their final product goals.

Research & Development

Jafco Tools consider Research & Development as one of there highest priorities. Whether designing new tools or insulating existing tools, we are always interested in working along with customers so they get there required finished tool.

Jafco Tools are currently working alongside Network Rail in designing of an Insulated Inspection Mirror for visually inspecting the underside of the conductor rail.

Insulated Inspection Mirror has been type tested and conforms to BS8020:2011.

Head is made from 5mm thick poly-carbonate sheeting, making it very strong and durable.

Double gripped for comfort.

9 LED aluminium torch with adjustable bracket.