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About us

jcpii’s team has over the last nine years developed, and continue to offer, our own brand and philosophy of collaborative leadership and team development from strategy to implementation.

We always strive to help those with whom we work to succeed, whether in creating a collaborative strategy, planning for and implementing Pure Alliancing, solving internal relationship issues, selecting the right Partners or preparing for selection workshops.

Our skills developmental work covers developing the right mind-set, relationship and behaviours, leadership, followership, negotiation, effective meetings, innovation and continuous improvement. And for those seeking the ultimate team and alliancing challenge, Pirates of the Solent – Treasure of the Medina, our flagship exercise, continues to evolve, enabling us to tailor the exercise and its outcomes to the specific needs of the customer.

We continue to believe passionately that fun is a crucial ingredient in what we do and we are proud to continue the work that John Carlisle started back in the seventies.

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