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Welcome to JurnyOn!

At JurnyOn, we are at the forefront of blending technology with transportation. Specializing in blockchain and AI, we are transforming the public transport landscape with our pioneering Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform. This subscription-based mobile ticketing service not only simplifies your commute but also makes it rewarding, integrating cutting-edge conversational AI, dynamic gamification, and a robust loyalty program.

Transforming Commuting into an Adventure

Our platform redefines commuting by making it immersive and enjoyable. We offer a variety of features such as digital collectibles that can be earned and tiered rewards and discounts that turn every journey into an engaging adventure. By fostering a vibrant community of travellers, we facilitate meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences.

Advanced Security and Anti-Fraud Measures

We prioritize your security by employing Fort Knox-level protections, including proprietary digital wallets for ticket validation and geographical fencing that eliminates fraud related to short journeys and unscanned tickets. Our use of blockchain technology ensures protection against ticketing fraud, significantly reducing revenue loss for rail operators and eliminating the need for additional capital expenditures.

Streamlined Booking and Customer Service

Our conversational AI technology simplifies booking and inquiries, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the need for extensive customer service support. Research has shown that our AI-driven approach can improve service efficiency by 25% and increase sales of higher-tier tickets by 30%, providing substantial business advantages.

Our Vision

Our goal is simple: to revolutionize how people view and experience public transport. With JurnyOn, every trip is more than just a journey—it’s an adventure enriched with excitement, savings, rewards, and new friendships.




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