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Keytracker Ltd.

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Keytracker Key & Asset Management Systems and Solutions
Keys and equipment are vital to every business, but keeping these secure while quickly accessible, without time-consuming administration, can be challenging.

At Keytracker, we have an extensive range of security solutions for your business. As well as secure, our systems are easy to use and accessible. From a basic key safe box to advanced electronic key control systems, we can help install a solution that can manage your business keys and access to stock and equipment too. For ultimate business key management solutions, contact our team today.

Wide Range of Key & Asset Control Systems and Solutions
Avoid misplacing your keys or any equipment with our expert key management services today. At Keytracker, we can reduce the risk of theft and business downtime that would be spent searching for keys.

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Keytracker was established in 1996, to tackle the challenges faced by businesses handling multiple key sets.

The last 20 years has seen the business evolve, with successful expansion into new markets and development of our product line to provide the widest range of solutions on the market for the management of keys and valuable equipment.

Today we are proud to still be a privately-owned business, allowing us the agility to decide where investments and developments should be made to best fit the needs of our customer. As such our in-house Research and Development team work to ensure we are always providing the best, most reliable solutions on the market; allowing our customers to do what they do best, without the interruption of misplaced or unsecured keys or equipment.

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