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Kilfrost – Safe, superior performance ADF & HTF fluids engineered for business success

For more than 85 years, Kilfrost has worked on products for both the aviation and rail industry, supplying de- and anti-icing solutions to the problems caused by frozen precipitation, ensuring both industries are operational in the winter climate. Our products are specifically designed to be used throughout the rail industry; for track, rolling stock and infrastructure.

Managing modern train services requires that they be run as efficiently as possible to ensure passengers are transported to their destination and freight is delivered with optimum efficiency. These constant operational needs are tested to the limit by the further complication each year of winter weather. Contamination with frost, ice or snow can disrupt the critical workings of the rolling stock, railway track or station and thereby seriously affect the scheduled performance, any planned maintenance services and ultimately the timeliness of deliveries. To maintain operational effectiveness in the winter environment, it is necessary to remove this frozen contamination and if appropriate protect against further icing.

We have developed a wide range of rail specific products and ground de-icer for the rail industries to cope with winter setbacks; from third rail disruption to rolling stock interference with compacted ice and snow. As well as our rail specific rail products, Kilfrost has developed novel heat transfer fluids solely for building and infrastructure heating/cooling, renewable energies and sustainability.

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De-Icing Materials

Kilfrost also offers Ground De-Icing materials which are significantly less corrosive than rock salt. The Clearway product range offers fully soluble formulations, leaving no messy residue and is not harmful to humans, animals or vegetation. They also are fully biodegradable. These products provide exceptional protection in public areas such as station platforms and car parks, including pedestrian areas, walkways, footbridges, crossings, platforms, pathways and bridges.

Ground fluids can be applied using a range of equipment suitable to the size of the area you are working with.

Liquids can be used for both de-icing and anti-icing operations; however, liquids are more effective when used as de-icers for rapid treatment. The liquid works within the precipitation ice crystals, breaking the contaminate from the inside out.Solid de-icers are useful when there is heavy or compacted snow or ice. The granules target the ice layer, breaking the ice structure. It is important the solid de-icers are spread evenly to prevent “patches”.

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Kilfrost products offer a spectrum of performance for these and other applications.