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KM Tools

About Us

KM Tools help manufacturers of equipment and rolling stock in their essential work for the UK rail industry.

KM Tools Specialises in manufacturing, maintaining and renewing specialised machines used for the manufacture of automotive components, with a specialist focus on emission control (Exhaust, CAT & DPF) product manufacture.

Our machines are used by leading brand manufacturers building parts for the OE market and the automotive aftermarket across the globe. Our manufacturing and service centre is based in a purpose-built facility in the Midlands from which we manufacture, service and rebuild and support hundreds of individual machines.

KMT can service, support and re-manufacture most machines from any original manufacturer, including one-off custom designs. We also develop tooling and work holding solutions such as bespoke automated, or semi-automated mandrels, jig and fixturing systems.

We build jigs and machinery for complex operations, helping original equipment manufacturers carry out precision-based production work.

Our jigs can be used to hold and manipulate a component in complex operations. Meanwhile, our machinery is made to the highest industry standards to carry out the most challenging operations.

As well as a range of new equipment which is ready to go, KM Tools can also create custom one-off designs to fit your specific needs. Complementing this is bespoke software, allowing machinery to be controlled in the exact way a manufacturer requires, complete with branding to ensure it feels a part of the business.

Where it is economical or helps with the flow of manufacturing, we can replicate any machine a client has which is reaching the end of its life. We can quickly work from existing drawings or reverse engineer to meet this need.

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Bringing equipment to Bombardier

We provided welding gantries to client Bombardier, as well as jigs to hold and move components, in the production of train underframes and roofs.

With our equipment, sections of underframe or roof are held in jigs next to one another, ready for welding. With the help of operatives, the welding gantry passes over – its two heads carrying out high-quality welds across the length of each seam. Once one side of the underframe or roof section is welded, the jig rotates 180 degrees and the process is repeated for the opposite side.

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Helping Hitachi with High Speed

We provided jigs that helped Hitachi produce new high-speed trains for the UK rail network.

The jigs provided by KM Tools allow the main subassemblies (floor, sides, and roof) to be held in position for welding and finishing. Each jig has been manufactured entirely in-house by our teams in Staffordshire to Hitachi Rail specifications. Furthermore, our staff are providing responsive on-site technical and maintenance support to Hitachi manufacturing teams.

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