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About Us

Lantech Communications offers products and solutions for the delivery of universal Ethernet services across various markets and applications.

With a long background in IP Ethernet products, Lantech Communications brings the best network solutions for industrial and IP networks to the marketplace. The Lantech group is devoted to providing end-user benefits & feature-rich innovative high-quality networking solutions. Lantech provides outstanding service and support to our worldwide partners & distribution network. Lantech’s core values are based on our development of class-leading software and hardware products, which allow for the seamless delivery of a variety of applications and services in diverse network environments.

We offer a complete range of hardened and non-hardened networking products in support of the global transition to all Ethernet services.

We provide high-quality products with customer-focused services from our sales offices located in Taiwan, Germany, UK, USA and Singapore. Our products are available worldwide through a network of respected channel partners, these partners have been selected by meeting strict standards of technical knowledge & customer services. Lantech is able to provide cost-effective high-performance solutions to any industrial IP network with ongoing support for our legacy products.

Lantech products are successfully deployed around the world and used in all types of applications, including expressway lane control system of Korea, bus system in Spain, tram system in Finland, train in France, Japan’s highway system, outdoor wireless surveillance system in Malaysia, military truck system in Vietnam, traffic networks in the UK and city surveillance system in Romania, etc.

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Our Products

Lantech offers several specific product lines to meet our clients’ needs. For industrial clients, we provide Entry Level Industrial Switches, SNMP Manged Industrial Switches, Industrial Media Converters, Industrial PoE Products, and Industrial Device Servers. Lantech also designs several models to satisfy our commercial clients.

EN50155 Multifunction 4G+WiFi Routers

Lantech 7-in-1 EN50155 multi-function VPN routers are designed for on onboard rolling stock applications, providing advanced features and powerful performance for future rail.

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EN50155 IEC 61375 Ethernet Switches

All Lantech EN50155 Ethernet switches are comply with IEC 61375-3-4 (ECN) standard. Lantech OS3 / OS4 EN50155 Ethernet switches are optional upgradable to ETBN communication protocols for future expansion. Optional ETBN complies with IEC61375-2-5 ETBN for Train Backbone Network.

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