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Proven access across the rail sector

From track maintenance to station refurbishment – Layher’s experience in providing access and protection structures in the rail industry is extensive.

Lightweight, versatile scaffolding systems combines with purpose-designed options – such as our range of temporary bridging and staircases – to help optimise construction procedures and both personnel and public movement.

In all cases, the key objective is to make a major contribution to project success, often helping to minimise possession times.  Safety, efficiency and designs that reflect our rail customers’ commitment to performance and appearance are at the heart of Layher’s rail industry success.

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From footbridges spanning up to 30m to heavy load support girders

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SIM scaffolding information modelling

From material assessment to visualisation via screen or VR-headset, the Layher Scaffold Information Modelling (SIM) software design makes a major contribution to project success.

In the rail sector, optimising the construction process means greater handling and storage efficiency which helps to minimise possession times – of benefit to all.

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