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For rail traction power substation applications and mass transit power transmission.

Linxon rail electrification solutions ensure reliable power delivery to the line and vehicles so that main line trains, metros and mass transit networks stay on track. Optimised traction power solutions ensure reliable supplies of AC and DC power are available from the power network to support high performance and efficiency.

We design, construct, test and commission complete traction power supply systems for both long distance rail and mass transit applications.

We specialise in high–voltage, traction and auxiliary power for:

  • Light/metro lines
  • High-speed lines
  • Main lines and freight lines

We provide design, engineering, surveying, as well as grid compliance and approvals:

  • EMC, earthing and bonding
  • RAMS
  • Stray currents
  • Braking energy recovery solutions
  • Power quality solutions
  • Linxon provides not only complete end–to–end solutions, but also extended support during initial operation.

An experienced partner in the rail sector

Substation design and installation is Linxon’s focus and specialty. As a joint venture company set up by Hitachi-ABB and SNC‑Lavalin, Linxon executes turnkey AC electric substation projects, including substations for electric transport. It inherits both Hitachi-ABB Power Grids’ (formerly ABB Power Grids) deep knowledge gained from more than 100 years of designing and building complex networks and substations for multiple infrastructure sectors, and SNC‑Lavalin’s extensive global construction expertise to deliver compelling infrastructure solutions.

Linxon provides a comprehensive portfolio of AC and DC traction substations for the rail sector, which includes complete design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of switchgear, transformers, protection/control technology and state-of-the-art enterprise asset management software solutions; feeding and distributing electricity to dedicated freight, passenger and high-speed lines for rail networks around the world.

For example, Linxon is providing a complete turnkey solution right from grid connection to network connecting power rails which includes bulk power substation, auxiliary and traction substations and critical power equipment for the Pink and Yellow monorail lines in Bangkok, Thailand. These are the first monorails in a multi-line urban rail commuter network designed to reduce smog and traffic congestion in the busy megacity.

About Us

Linxon – Building a sustainable future

Linxon is a new company built on 100 years of technology expertise, and 60 years of substation and electrification project experience worldwide. We combine Hitachi Energy’s deep technological knowledge and SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise to create something new by leveraging the key strengths of both companies.

Substations transform voltage between the generating station and the consumer, distributing power to people and industry. We help cities grow, industries expand, and communities thrive by building a crucial part of the power transmission grid.

Our company is a single point of contact that combine the accumulated know-how of key suppliers and contractors so that customers benefit from efficient and continuously improved solutions and increased industrial productivity.

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We offer engineering, procurement, management and construction services for the execution of large, complex AC power substations including expansions and electrification in four main segments.

We support our customers in the creation of stronger, smarter and greener grids that are adapted to meet the changing needs of an evolving power landscape. For power and water systems, our solutions enhance the capacity, reliability and availability of transmission and distribution networks with proven substation designs and innovative grid technologies. We are focused on grid stability, reliability and code compliance.

We challenge ourselves to deliver technical solutions that help our renewable energy customers meet their commitments. We can help with innovative delivery solutions for both civil and demolition works by minimizing the use of non–sustainable materials.

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